Custom & Premade
CNC Stencils

Is your application a one-off or limited use or do you need long-lasting repeat-use stencils?

At Stencils Australia we use a range of materials to provide the durability that you need.

We offer a range of premade commercial stencils that are available for purchase today or can quote on custom stencil jobs of any combination or design. Great for road marking and warehousing applications.

CNC Stencil Cutting Stencils Australia

Custom Made Stencils

Our stencils are made right here in our factory in Bayswater, Melbourne.

We use the latest in CNC technology to ensure that your stencils are cut to the highest standard of precision. We typically offer polypropylene in 1.4mm and 3mm thickness varieties. On request, we can use other materials.

We can make stencils to any degree of complexity, so rest assured we can work something out for your next project. Enquire today to find out how Stencils Australia can help you.

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