Pedestrian Footprint Stencil


Pedestrian Footprint Stencil size guide:
**These sizes are per single footprint

Symbol HeightWidth

See below for further details.

All Our Stencils Are Custom Made To Order, Please Allow 5-7 Working Days For Production, Contact Us For Rush Order Availability.

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Our pedestrian footprint stencil is available in a number of different sizes. This symbol can be used anywhere to signify a recommended walking path.

The ‘height’ of this stencil is from the bottom of the symbol to the top of the symbol. A default bleed area will be provided on the stencil to prevent over-spray. The ‘width’ is calculated as the total width of the symbol, not the stencil.

If you require something slightly different please do not hesitate to get in contact with us so that we can arrange your custom stencil.

Pedestrian Footprint Stencils x 2

Please Note: This stencil will come as two separate footprint stencils.

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Pedestrian Footprint Stencils
Pedestrian Footprint Stencil