COVID 1.5m Social Distance Reminder Stencil


Social Distance Reminder Stencil:

Stencil Height Width


See below for further details.

All Our Stencils Are Custom Made To Order, Please Allow 5-7 Working Days For Production, Contact Us For Rush Order Availability.


Our Social Distance Reminder Stencil is available in several different sizes & thicknesses. This stencil can be used in many different applications, but most commonly in walkways & warehouses.

This stencil is not to scale. The width of the arrow is not 1.5m wide and is designed as a visual reminder.

This stencil is one of many stencils on offer in our Warehouse & Safety Stencils.

The ‘height’ of this stencil is from the bottom of the figures to the top of the figures. A default bleed area will be provided on the stencil to prevent over-spray. The ‘width’ is calculated from the outside edges of the figures, not the stencil.

If you require something slightly different please do not hesitate to get in contact with us so that we can arrange your custom stencil.

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Social Distance Reminder Stencil
COVID 1.5m Social Distance Reminder Stencil